As reported in our previous article, the Fair Work Commission has previously determined that the minimum wages set for aged care workers are too low when compared to work performed of equivalent value by workers in other industries.

The Commission previously decided that an “interim” 15% increase should be applied to minimum wages, pending a full consideration of the total amount that their wages should be increased by.

The Commission had not decided at that point on what date the 15% increase would come into effect, but it has now issued a decision  that the effective date of the increase will be 1 July 2023.

This will apply in addition to the normal annual wage increase across all minimum awards that generally occurs on 1 July each year.


Which employees will receive the 15% increase?​

The increase will apply to the following employees:

  • Workers engaged in the provision of direct care to aged persons, in either residential facilities or in-home settings, including:
    • personal care workers under the Aged Care Award;
    • home care workers who work in aged care under the SCHADS Award (but not home care workers who provide support to disabled people); and
    • registered nurses, enrolled nurses, assistants in nursing and nurse practitioners who work in aged care under the Nurses Award.
  • Head chefs/cooks under the Aged Care Award (that is, an aged care employee classified at levels 4-7, provided the employee is the most senior chef or cook engaged in a facility).
  • Recreational activities officers/lifestyle officers of all levels under the Aged Care Award.


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