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At EI Legal, we live and breathe employment law. All of our lawyers are specialist employment lawyers – we’re not generalists who dabble in this area. We therefore guarantee you’ll always be taken care of by experts in this field.

We are at the forefront of the new law movement and all our lawyers are able to access flexible working practices. We don’t wear suits unless there is a genuine need to, we bring our pets to work and we embrace technology.

We work closely with Employment Innovations – Australia’s leading employment and HR consultancy business. Through this partnership we are able to offer clients bespoke services outside those traditionally provided by employment lawyers. For example, where we consider that clients really need the assistance of a HR professional (rather than a lawyer), Employment Innovations is generally able to provide such services at a lower rate than what a lawyer would charge to do the same work.

Employment Innovations is also able to assist with any business migration needs (visas, etc) as well as providing payroll and HR technology solutions.

We are always interested to hear from exceptional lawyers who want to challenge the status quo and find better ways of delivering services to our clients. If you want to hear more about how we work, over a game of pinball at our in-house bar, please get in contact.

Simon Obee<br />
Principal Lawyer

Simon Obee – Principal Lawyer

Simon has worked in law firms of many different sizes in the UK and Australia, and as an in-house employment lawyer for the government. He is a thought-leader in the employment law space and regularly writes and speaks about developments in this area. Simon is highly experienced in complex workplace matters and routinely assists clients with navigating changes in the legal landscape.

Contact Simon: simon@eilegal.com.au 

Aahana Lakhia<br />
Practice Leader<br />

Aahana Lakhia – Practice Leader​

Aahana is EI Legal’s Practice Leader and a senior lawyer with over 8 years’ experience. She advises employers across a wide range of industries in all areas of employment law. Aahana has particular expertise in assisting employers with employment disputes and litigation in the Fair Work Commission and Federal Courts. She also advises on a range of complex matters such as redundancies and restructures, transfer of business and restraints.

Contact Aahana: aahana@eilegal.com.au

Jessica Geizer Employment Lawyer

Jessica Geizer – Employment Lawyer

Jess is based in Brisbane and is admitted as a lawyer in the Supreme Court of Queensland. Prior to joining EI Legal, she worked for a boutique employment law firm specialising in employer matters. She is passionate about assisting employers (of all sizes) in minimising and managing the risks that arise with running a business. Jess regularly advises on complex matters such as modern award and enterprise agreement interpretation. 

Contact Jess:  jessica@eilegal.com.au

Jackson Downer – Employment Lawyer

Jackson Downer – Employment Lawyer

Jackson joined EI Legal as a graduate and has since been admitted as a lawyer in the Supreme Court of New South Wales. Prior to joining EI Legal, Jackson developed a passion for advocacy working as a Court Monitor in the Federal Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia. Jackson routinely acts for employers in disputes before the Fair Work Commission.

Contact Jackson: jackson@eilegal.com.au

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John Smith, Manager, Sydney


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Anne Smith, Manager, Melbourne

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