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Lawyers can be expensive. That’s why we always provide new clients with an initial free consultation so that they can decide if we are the right fit for their business.

Sometimes we may be able to resolve your issue in that initial free chat. If you have a legal issue and want to chat it through with employment law experts before incurring any legal fees, get in touch.

We offer a number of services on a fixed fee basis so that you have complete certainty about the costs you will incur. This includes drafting employment contracts, deeds of release and independent contractor agreements.

We can also offer fixed fee legal representation in unfair dismissal and general protections (adverse action) claims, up to an including, conciliation or conference at the Fair Work Commission.

Sometimes we are able to identify that you don’t really need a lawyer at all and would be better (and more cheaply) served by a HR Consultant. In those circumstances through our partnership with Employment Innovations, we are able to offer a range of options that might better suit your business’ needs.

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